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কোর্সের বিবরণ

Web App Development with Laravel

Course duration: 28Hours

Total Classes: 14

Course Outline


Day-1: Course Overview & setup development environment

  • Course overview
  • What is backend development
  • What is frontend development
  • Why we have to use Database
  • Explanation about development environment
  • How to setup Environment
  • How to run PHP code

Day-2: PHP Fundamentals

  • Basic syntax of php
  • How to declare Variables
  • Explaining About Super Global Variables
  • Working with Operators
  • Working with Conditional Statement
  • Working with Control Statements
  • Working with Arrays
  • Working with Build-in functions

Day-3: Object Oriented Programing PHP-1

  • Working with PHP Class
  • Working with Objects
  • Working with Property
  • Working with Methods
  • Working with Constructor
  • Working with Destructor
  • Working with Class autoload
  • Working with Composer 
  • Working with Namespace

Day-4: Object Oriented Programing PHP-2

  • Working with Access modifier
  • Working with Inheritance
  • Working with Polymorphism
  • Working with Problem solving

Day-5: PHP &  MySql -1 

  • Introducing with database
  • Mysql Overview
  • What is Database engine
  • Working with Create mysql database
  • Connect with mysql database using php
  • Write a test query
  • How to Close mysql connection

Day-6: PHP & Mysql - 2

  • Working with Insert data into database
  • Working with Read data from database
  • Working with Update data into database
  • Working with Delete data from database

Day-7: Laravel Fundamentals

  • Understanding the concept of a framework.
  • Understanding the concept of laravel design pattern (MVC)
  • Working with Laravel routing
  • Working with Middleware
  • Working with Laravel blade template engine
  • Working with Laravel templating
  • Working with Artisan command

Day-8: Laravel Query builder & ORM:

  • Working with Laravel Migration
  • Inserting data using Query builder
  • Updating data using Query Builder
  • Deleting data using Query Builder
  • Select data using Query Builder
  • Inserting data using ORM
  • Updating data using ORM
  • Deleting data using ORM
  • Select data using ORM

Day-9: Laravel Eloquent relationship

  • One To One Relationship
  • One To Many Relationship
  • One To Many (Inverse) / Belongs To Relationship
  • Has One Through Relationship
  • Has Many Through Relationship

Day-10: Laravel Authentication

  • Working withUser login 
  • Working withUser registration
  • How to do Login with username or email
  • How to do Register with username or email
  • Working with Logout

Day-11: Laravel Form

  • How to Design a form
  • How to Add form data to database
  • Working with Update form data

Day-12: Laravel file upload

  • Working with Upload file/image
  • Working with List all uploads
  • Working with Update file/image
  • Working with Delete file/image

Day-13: Validate form , error handling &  Laravel faker 

  • Working with Validate request data(required,unique,etc..)
  • How to Try catch handling
  • Working with  Log writing
  • Working with Error page handling
  • Working with  Show success / Failure message
  • Working with Create laravel seeder
  • Working with Seed data

Day-14: Create ecommerce admin & RESTful API development

  • Working with Manage categories
  • Working with Manage products
  • Working with Manage orders
  • Working with Develop api



A basic e-commerce app that gives a clear concept of how an e-commerce application is working.

  • Choosed Laravel for back-end development
  • Bootstrap for front-end development

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