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Hi. Thanks for checking out my website and design work. I’m a freelance graphic designer with a background in web, apparel, radio, and design. I live and work in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Quick notes, in case you don’t feel like reading all of this: I design and build websites. I work closely with clients to articulate their vision in a design, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create a mockup, and then I develop a custom WordPress theme to match the design and desired functionality. I’m fluent in HTML and CSS, and pretty handy with PHP and Javascript. I provide my clients with full web strategy consultancy, including SEO and social media strategy. Outsite of the web, the fields I’m most interested in are apparel design and radio, and I also enjoy large-scale painting projects. My focus lately has been helping small businesses get started on the internet by designing and building websites that are professional and clean, with a content-management system for their website that allows them to take control of their brand’s narrative. Recent examples of this include Oakland Bakes, and The Bigger Picture Art Show. The sites I build are up to the moment in SEO best practices, and I provide consultation on social media strategy to create a seamless brand experince across multiple platforms. I also work for larger companies and institutions, including Rutgers University (The Tyler Clementi Center,) AsTech Consulting, Greenberg Brand Strategy, and LANDCO Real Estate. I also have 10 years of professional experience designing t-shirt graphics and printed apparel. Since 2009 I’ve been designing t-shirts for Marine Layer in San Francisco, a clothing brand who produces their own fabrics and garments sweatshop-free in Californa. Prior to this engagement, I designed and sold my own political t-shirts during the 2008 presidential campaign, including stops at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and at ComicCon in San Diego. My technical expertise in designing graphics for screenprinting came from years working at a screenprinting shop, Ink Monkey Graphics, in Davis, CA, from 2003 to 2005. My radio experience also began in Davis, at KDVS, the UC Davis campus radio station, from 2002 to 2005. I worked as Publicity Director for two years, where I was responsible for the radio station’s public image. This job included producing concerts and events, supervising a volunteer staff of 30+, and editing and managing the layout for a quarterly publication. Working with the local music scene, I produced fliers, posters and t-shirts. My next professional radio experience came in New York City from 2007 to 2008, working as web producer for Fair Game with Faith Salie, a program produced by Public Radio International at WNYC. For each episode, I was responsible for editing the finished broadcast into segments for web streaming and podcast, and updating the website with the audio, text and photo content. I studied fine art and photography at Rutgers University and film and video at Academy of Art in San Francisco. My first professional web experience was in high school when I had a summer internships working on Time-Warner’s website, building micro-sites and designing and optimizing banner ads for their various magazine brands. I have also painted several commissioned murals, including one at Cassie’s Pizzeria in Englewood, NJ, on a 50 foot by 15 foot exterior wall.

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